What can I do to help my child succeed in Chemistry?

I understand that chemistry can be hard at times and that many parents cannot recall what chemistry they have learned immediately to help their child. I have tried my best to provide all the academic assistance I can through class activities, handouts (especially the objective sheets), availability during out of class hours, and the website. The main thing that parents can do is to provide support and show interest. Parents can encourage their child and keep in close communication to monitor successes and failures. Parents can provide a place for study in the home where interruptions and distractions are at a minimum and, if it is necessary, the child can be monitored to keep them on task.

 I have also provided a list a list of things for students to do to be successful. (see the students' information page)

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What is expected of my child in Chemistry?

Chemistry is a course designed for those students wishing to be prepared for college and it will be taught with that in mind. Homework will be assigned daily. Your child is expected to show initiative in his/her study habits, meaning he/she is to be responsible for learning. I will provide your child with the activities, experiences, sources of information and practice necessary to learn the content, but I will not learn the material for them. Your child needs to study the objectives on a regular basis (daily is suggested) and not just when a quiz or test is assigned. A real student studies daily and then reviews before tests or quizzes.

Chemistry is a lab-oriented course and as such does require students to be mature and self-disciplined (I have only two eyes, both in the front of my head like everyone else, and cannot be at all places at all times). I will try to reduce as much of the danger as possible, but we will be working with open flames and with glassware that can break. For this reason I wish to have both a parent or guardian and student sign a form with the intent to follow the laboratory rules to keep the environment safe for all. This document will be sent home with your child at the beginning of the school year. A copy of it can be accessed here.

For a course overview click here.

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Dear Parents,


Please know that I consider myself 

an extension of your family.

Some questions frequently asked by parents are:

What can I do to help my child succeed in Chemistry?

What is expected of my child in Chemistry?

  As a teacher, I am here 

to supplement your goals and values.

  I realize that you are entrusting me 

with a most precious part of your life, 

your children, 

and I do not take this responsibility lightly.  


I am here to light a spark for study 

and create a passion for lifelong learning.




Deborah Lilly





If you promise not to believe everything your student tells you about what happens in my classroom, I promise not believe everything he or she tells me about what happens at home